Leahy: Revision Military Wins $98 Million Contract For Advance Combat Helmet Generation II

...Leahy Notes The Implications For Revision Military Newport

In a development with direct implications for future work at Revision Military Newport, Senator Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) Tuesday announced that the U.S. Army awarded Revision Military a contract for as much as $98 million to produce the next generation of combat helmets for soldiers. The announcement follows an intense competition for the project. 

Leahy is the Vice Chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee, which oversees the Senate’s work in writing annual defense budget bills.  He has been a longtime supporter of Revision Military’s presence in Newport, Vermont -- a facility that will be essential to executing the five-year contract for up to 293,870 helmets.

Leahy said:  “This was an intense competition that draws on the reliability and skill of Revision Military’s workforce in Vermont.  The quality of these helmets will protect soldiers from ballistic impacts, while also making them more comfortable with their up to 24 percent lighter build.  Like all Vermonters, I am incredibly proud of the men and women at Revision Military Newport for their hard work and dedication, both of which greatly contributed to Revision being selected for this contract.  In past visits to the facility I have seen firsthand the commitment these employees have to their trade, a commitment depended on by the men and women of our Armed Forces.”

“With this solicitation, PEO Soldier challenged the helmet industry, raising the technology bar substantially. Revision answered in a big way, dedicating significant resources to set a new standard for lightweight helmet design and performance,” said Jonathan Blanshay, CEO. “Revision has been a proud U.S. Army supplier since 2005, and our investment in this program epitomizes Revision’s unwavering dedication to forward-thinking head systems technology and manufacturing. In the years since Revision was last contracted by the U.S. Army, we’ve become a much stronger company and head systems technology innovator, securing helmet contracts around the world—including for the British Army’s VIRTUS program—and emerging as the vanguard of the U.S. helmet industry. We’re excited to provide this cutting-edge technology to troops in the field who will benefit greatly from the improved performance and significantly lower weight of this next-generation head system. In short, Revision has fully modernized the traditional ACH helmet, bringing this crucial equipment up to speed with the fast pace of modern warfare.”

The Newport facility has more than doubled the size of its workforce since 2013, with 186 current employees.

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