Leahy Releases His Stimulus Package Priorities As Drafting Process Begins To Take Shape

“I applaud President-elect Obama’s selection of Congressman Ray LaHood to be the next Transportation Secretary.  This is a choice that not only will play very well in Peoria but also on Capitol Hill and across the country.


“Over the years I have enjoyed working with Ray LaHood on a variety of important agriculture and law enforcement issues.  He was a key ally in our efforts to pass the Innocence Protection Act, which improves access to DNA testing that can help exonerate or convict those accused of crimes.  Though Ray LaHood and I hold different views on the death penalty, I knew that he would approach this issue with clear-eyed honesty and determination.    


“With a new President who is committed to upgrading the nation’s transportation infrastructure, the Department needs a leader with Ray LaHood’s knowledge and experience.  He knows how to work across the aisle, and his long experience as a state and federal legislator gives him useful perspective on America’s transportation needs. 


“In recent years there has been a lot of emphasis on easing congestion but very little on rural accessibility and mobility.  I look forward to working with President Obama and Ray LaHood to raise the profile of these important rural transportation issues in Washington.”


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