Leahy REAX To Trump Administration’s Imposition Of A Tariff That Will Punish U.S. Solar Energy Businesses & Workers

“This is a cynical, rash and shortsighted unilateral action.  It will damage America’s clean energy future, in Vermont and across the nation.  Incredibly, the Trump Administration wants to hand new taxpayer subsidies to coal and nuclear, while slapping on new taxes – these tariffs – that hurt the thriving U.S. businesses that are installing solar equipment.  They seemingly don’t care about how this will hurt U.S. jobs in our domestic solar installation market.  This could especially do real damage to Vermont’s smaller solar installers who didn’t have the capital to get out ahead of the tariff.   It won’t help make things cheaper for the Vermonters who were hoping to cut their families’ electric bills by going solar.  It also reduces the buying power of some of our federal programs that are helping Vermont farmers and landowners diversify their income streams by installing solar farms.”

Press Contact

David Carle: 202-224-3693