Leahy REAX On Withdrawal Of The Clovis Nom. To USDA’s Top Science Post; Leahy Is A Leading Member Of the Agriculture

“Sam Clovis was almost a comically bad nominee, even for this administration.  He is inarguably unqualified, and he is wrong on almost every major issue relevant to the chief scientist post to which he was nominated.  His nomination is all too typical of the anti-science agenda and the know-nothingism pushed by President Trump and his administration.  But President Trump already knew that when he nominated Mr. Clovis, and that is not why his nomination was abruptly pulled today.  Not because of his association with birtherism or as a climate change denier, or his other repugnant assertions.

“His nomination was withdrawn because we learned on Monday that last year Mr. Clovis, while serving as the co-chairman for the national Trump campaign, gave the green light to George Papadopolous’ attempts to collude with Russian operatives and obtain stolen emails from the Clinton campaign.  Mr. Clovis’ nomination was only withdrawn because that would certainly have been a topic during his upcoming testimony, under oath, before the Senate Agriculture Committee.  I know because I was going ask him all about it to get more facts on the record and before the American people.”

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