Leahy REAX On The Closed-Door GOP Tax Plan And The Frantic Rush To Pass It Without Hearings

“Republicans are repeating the same mistakes they made with health care.  It’s the same old playbook: jam through a bill, cobbled together in a back room, that sticks it to hard-working Americans. 

“Republicans are desperately seeking a ‘win’ in Congress, but this one would only come at great cost to the American people.

“What House Republican leaders released is a hugely complex bill, with hundreds of pages of fine print, written behind closed doors.  House leaders, at President Trump’s tweeted insistence, plan to ram it through in one week -- next week -- with no hearings and little chance for meaningful review, analysis or debate.  For generations to come, the selective tax cuts contemplated by Republicans in Congress and by the President would touch every corner of our complex economy and would hurt millions of families, while helping giant corporations. 

“Vermonters with medical expenses, student loans or state tax payments are not the only ones with crucial stakes in this debate.  These are serious pocketbook policy decisions that should not be rushed at hyper speed through a hyper-partisan process.

“I want a bipartisan tax reform bill that puts the emphasis on helping working Vermonters and small businesses, not the already flush bank deposits of large corporations.  But based on what I’ve seen so far, that is not the direction the House is going.  We need to slow down and look carefully, prudently and seriously at this hastily produced bill before putting it on a partisan fast track to the President’s desk.  ”  

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