Leahy REAX On President Biden’s Selection Of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson For Nomination To The Supreme Court

[Leahy, Judiciary Chair Durbin and others had an online conference with the White House about the President’s choice this morning.]

President Biden’s nomination of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to serve as a Justice on the Supreme Court is an historic moment for the Court, and for the country.  The federal judiciary can and should reflect the diversity that is at the heart of our nation.  Only then do we move closer to achieving a more perfect union.

Judge Jackson has already demonstrated intellect and impartiality on both the D.C. District Court and the D.C. Circuit Court.  The bipartisan votes with which she was confirmed to both these seats is a credit to the record she has shown since first being confirmed by the Senate — unanimously — in 2013.  Her record in both the private and public sectors brings a diversity of legal experience that provides informed jurisprudence.  This is the kind of nominee we should all expect to our nation’s highest court.

The President has done his job, nominating a highly qualified, experienced judge for elevation to the Supreme Court.  The Senate must now do its job — free of politics and political vitriol — to fairly and objectively evaluate this nominee.  We have a true opportunity, after careful review, to provide our advice and consent on this historic nominee.  I believe Judge Jackson’s nomination is one that can unite the Senate in sending a signal to the American people that our courts should not and must not be partisan arms of our government.  I look forward to this historic confirmation process.

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