Leahy Plays Matchmaker, Arranging For Donation Of 25 U.S. Senate Surplus Computers To Vermont Classrooms

(TUESDAY, May 19, 2015) -- Senator Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) has played matchmaker in arranging shipments of 25 surplus computers to five Vermont schools through the U.S. Senate’s Computers For Schools program.  Overseen by the Senate’s Sergeant At Arms, the program was established to offer surplus used computers to needy classrooms in underserved schools.

In April Leahy worked with Vermont Agency of Education officials to identify schools with the highest needs for computers.  These five schools now have received five computers each:

  • Benson Village School, Benson, VT
  • Alburgh Community Education Center, Alburgh, VT
  • Troy Elementary School, North Troy, VT
  • Charleston Elementary School, West Charleston, VT
  • Lunenburg Primary School, Lunenburg, VT

Leahy said:  “Computers have become essential learning and teaching tools in rural and urban classrooms.  Computers are increasingly used for lessons, assessments, research and homework.  My online chats with Vermont students rely on computer technology.  Equipping classrooms can be a great challenge when resources are stretched thin, and when there are competing priorities.  I’m delighted that these surplus computers are finding new life and new purpose in Vermont classrooms.”

Vermont Secretary of Education Rebecca Holcombe said:  “We are so pleased that the schools listed have received the computers, as orchestrated by Senator Leahy. The schools are all smaller Title I schools and this influx of technology is crucial as we continue to foster digital learning throughout Vermont. Title I schools have a focus on addressing the needs of struggling learners and we believe technology provides a variety of learning supports so those students can be successful in the classroom. Especially in a small rural state, technology is a powerful tool to expand opportunities to learn. This donation will give our students access to information far beyond what they imagined and enable our students to participate in the diverse and changing world beyond our small state.”

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