Leahy Comment On FCC's Steps To Speed Internet Delivery For Rural Consumers

[The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on Thursday approved a new definition for what constitutes broadband service, dramatically increasing the required minimum speeds from the current standard and marking an important improvement for rural states to access high-speed Internet.]

“Today, the FCC voted to recognize what millions of Americans living in rural areas have long realized – that minimum Internet speeds for rural consumers need to be faster.  The FCC’s action today has the potential to dramatically boost deployment of high-speed Internet access to underserved areas like Vermont.  According to the FCC’s own data, 53 percent of rural consumers lack access to the new speed standard set today while only 8 percent lack access to the same speed in urban areas.  This stunning broadband divide must be closed or we will leave millions of Americans behind online.  Access to the Internet is one of the keys to our global economic competitiveness.  The FCC’s action today is an important step in ensuring that all Americans, regardless of where they live, have meaningful access to this critical resource.”

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