Leahy Calls On Speaker Boehner To Let House Vote On Bipartisan, Senate-Passed, Immigration Reform Bill

“I agree with Speaker Boehner that Americans want their government ‘to get things done.’  And that is exactly why he should simply allow the House to vote on the comprehensive immigration bill that a bipartisan majority in the Senate passed last year.  For years, Congressional Democrats have been working to fix our broken immigration system and have led efforts to do that under both Republican and Democratic Presidents.  But a vocal bloc of Republicans has consistently stood in the way.  House leaders have catered to them, and not to the national interest in fixing these problems.  Instead, these obstructionists continue to use our broken system to promote fear and division and short-term partisan goals.  These political ploys must end.  There is still time this year for the House to do its job and take action to end the needless separation of families and the unnecessary economic costs caused by this broken system.  If Speaker Boehner actually wants to boost the American economy, he could do that next week by taking up the bill we passed a year and a half ago.”

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