Leahy Calls On Partisans To End 'Their Way Or No Way' Posture To Avert Government Shutdown

"People have enough to worry about, and the economic recovery is still fragile enough, without needlessly being pushed to the brink of a costly government shutdown.

"There already have been several rounds of budget cuts by now.  Despite the continued willingness of the President and many in Congress to find common ground, an ideological bloc in Congress continues to insist on their way or no way.  Some even relish the idea of a government shutdown, despite the disruption and harm that would mean for the American people, and especially for those who are struggling the most.  Though they are a minority, they have the leverage to trample the interests of everyone else.

"The kinds of deep further cuts they insist on for the social safety net, for creating jobs and for responsible environmental stewardship would do damage for years to come and would actually cost more than they would save.  So would a government shutdown.  The possibility of a government shutdown is very real because these relative few are willing to play politics and brinksmanship at a time when the public wants basic statesmanship.  Unfortunately for everyone else, if they continue to prevent an agreement, they will get what they want."

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