Leahy Announces $230,000 For ('Great') Lake Champlain

Senator Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) has announced $230,000 in Sea Grant funding to the University of Vermont for research and management of fisheries, water quality, invasive species control and other efforts for Lake Champlain and its surrounding watershed.

The funding is the latest installment made possible because of the status Lake Champlain now has within the Sea Grant Program, run by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).  Leahy memorably fought and won his battle in 1998 to include Lake Champlain in the Sea Grant Program.  In the process the lake briefly was deemed a "Great Lake" for the program's purposes.  Since Leahy's win, the Sea Grant Program has included Lake Champlain grant funding to UVM and other institutions.

Leahy said, “As we've hoped and worked for, the Sea Grant Program has become an engine in the ongoing work to clean up our 'great' Lake Champlain."

The grant will be used to continue research and outreach programs focused across the Lake Champlain Basin.  Researchers will be examining ways to mitigate the impacts of storm water runoff on the lake, managing invasive species, and implementing shoreline protection programs, among other initiatives.  

Breck Bowden, director of UVM’s Lake Champlain Sea Grant Program, said:  “We deeply appreciate Senator Leahy's efforts to support critical funding for NOAA's National Sea Grant College Program, which directly funds the Lake Champlain Sea Grant project.  This new award will help us better understand and protect the lake for future generations."

The Lake Champlain Sea Grant Program is a collaborative effort between Vermont and New York that  engages many partners and communities around the lake to promote a wide comprehensive approach to the management of Lake Champlain and its surrounding watersheds.

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