Further Comments Of Senator Leahy On The Senate’s Upcoming Debate On Syria’s Use Of Chemical Weapons --

“The Assad regime’s use of chemical weapons – and in this case, against innocent civilians, the Syrian people – was a heinous act and a clear violation of international law and standards. 

“Last weekend I made clear my opposition to the White House’s proposed resolution, and I was among the first in the Senate to do so.  I criticized that proposal for being far too broad and open-ended.  The Senate Foreign Relations Committee has now reported a new version, which will be debated by the Senate, and further changes and amendments are possible. 

“I remain skeptical of the United States going alone, and about what comes after.  But this will be an important Senate debate, on deadly serious issues, about a resolution that may well see further changes.  It makes sense to have the debate and then decide, not to decide and then have the debate.  The Senate, and each senator, will be called upon to apply the facts, the views of our constituents, and our judgment in reaching a decision that is in the best interests of our nation and the security of the American people.”

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