Following Meeting With Attorney General Designate Eric Holder December 8, 2008

“Eric Holder is a superb match for the talents that Americans need at the helm of the Department of Justice.  After meeting with Mr. Holder today, I am impressed with the extensive prosecutorial background and experience he will bring to the Department.  He understands the importance of rebuilding the public’s trust in our justice system, and restoring morale among the Department’s staff.  Mr. Holder and I discussed the importance of supporting our state and local law enforcement agencies and officials, and I was happy to talk with him about the Judiciary Committee’s field hearing last Friday in St. Albans, Vermont, were we heard from community leaders fighting crime on the front lines in our neighborhoods.  I am also encouraged by Mr. Holder’s willingness to consider and review a federal reporters’ shield law. 

“The protection of Americans and the restoration of the Department are tasks that cannot wait, and I intend to hold confirmation hearings for Mr. Holder’s nomination the week of January 5.  The President-elect has set the right tone in his Cabinet selection.  He has reached across the aisle and is assembling a leadership team of exceptional competence that has diverse views, backgrounds and political paths.  What the American people and our justice system need most from us is constructive engagement during the confirmation process, and not destructive, partisan sniping that is intent on tearing down instead of on rebuilding the Justice Department.  I believe that Mr. Holder as Attorney General will be an asset to the new administration as they work to address the significant challenges facing the nation.”

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