Editorial: On Women’s Behalf; The Violence Against Women Act Deserves Renewal, Not Partisan Wrangling

The Post

The Washington Post today published an editorial urging the Senate to approve legislation to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act.  The Senate is set to consider VAWA reauthorization legislation authored by Senator Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) and Senator Mike Crapo (R-Idaho) later this week. 


“This year, 61 senators have co-sponsored a reauthorization that would further improve the law’s effectiveness and meet the changing needs of victims…Let’s hope that bipartisan support – a fixture in the law’s history — does not fall prey to presidential politics and the increasing stridency concerning which party best represents women’s issues.”


“A comprehensive committee report convincingly details gaps in current programs as identified by law enforcement officers, victim-service providers, judges and health-care professions. No one — gay or straight, man or woman, legal or undocumented— should be denied protections against domestic abuse or sexual violence. The proposed changes are by no means radical.”


“Some changes, like increasing the number of temporary visas for battered immigrant women, are supported by law enforcement. And the need to do more to protect Native American women is supported by a regional survey by University of Oklahoma researchers that showed that three out of five Native American women had been assaulted by their spouses or partners and a nationwide survey that found one-third of all Native American women will be raped during their lifetime.”

Read the full Washington Post editorial online.

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