Comments To The President’s Address To The Nation On Drawdown Of U.S. Forces From Iraq

Seven years after the war in Iraq began, and after enormous sacrifices by our troops and their families, at long last we are finally winding down the U.S. presence there.  Many Americans will remain in Iraq as the drawdown continues, and our thanks and our prayers go to them and to all of our men and women in service who are still far from home.  I opposed going to war in Iraq, and invading Iraq was a costly foreign policy blunder that harmed U.S. interests on many fronts.  President Obama pledged to bring our troops home and turn Iraq over to the Iraqis, and he is keeping that promise to the American people.  Now we need to refocus on growing our economy, rebuilding our infrastructure and creating jobs here at home, and making sure that our veterans and their families are part of that recovery and growth.

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