Comments On Temporary Protected Status for Haitian Nationals in the United States

“I commend Secretary Napolitano for granting temporary protected status to Haitian nationals in the United States.  The overwhelming devastation of Tuesday’s earthquake calls for a humanitarian response at every level, including through immediate search and rescue, medical assistance, food and shelter, and long-term rebuilding.  The Secretary’s action today bolsters the Administration’s swift humanitarian response and I applaud the Secretary for making this decision without undue delay. 

“The Haitian people face a long and difficult reconstruction process.  But through the Secretary’s action today, Haitian nationals who are currently in the United States will be better able to aid in the rebuilding of their communities, free from the fear of being removed to a country that is in the midst of recovering from the impact of this extraordinary natural disaster.  Temporary Protected Status will allow Haitians in the United States to remain and work safely in the United States so that they may play a role in providing the relief that the people of Haiti so desperately need.”   

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