Comments On Senator Bernie Sanders’ Decision To Suspend His Campaign

Bernie has been a strong voice on behalf of working people across America.  His strong personal feelings came through as he announced the suspension of his campaign.  My fellow Vermonters have long known what so many others have seen: a consistent advocate for health care for all, for economic justice, and for a democracy that remains in the hands of the American people as it should and not in the hands of a few.

He is my partner in the Senate, and my friend of decades.  I look forward to continuing our partnership on behalf of Vermont in the U.S. Senate and in working together to defeat the most dangerous and incompetent president of our lifetime.  The energy he has brought to this campaign for new, forward-thinking leadership in America will be important in doing that.  Marcelle and I extend our deep gratitude to Bernie and Jane, who have done so much for our nation.  We will work with them to make sure we have a new President in January.

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