Comments On President’s Trump’s Decision To Suddenly Withdraw U.S. Forces From Northeastern Syria

This precipitous decision, with minimal if any justification, consultation, or concern for the consequences, is immoral and unwise. Key Republicans and key Democrats in Congress have condemned this sudden action. By suddenly reversing course and abandoning those who have fought and died alongside our troops, we are signaling to the rest of the world that we cannot be trusted. It’s been said that the President’s sudden decision devalues the presidential handshake. Our allies, and the world, need to be able to trust the word and the soundness of the decisions of the United States of America. By creating a vacuum, it strengthens the hand of the Assad regime, of Russia, and of Iran and risks setting off a much larger conflict.

Unfortunately there still is no U.S. strategy in Syria. President Trump’s decision to withdraw U.S. forces and open the door for a Turkish invasion against the Syrian Democratic Forces, comprised mostly of Kurds, who have been our strongest allies against ISIS, is a stark reminder of that fact. His decision was not based on calculated risk, there were no consultations with Congress, and it was apparently made against the advice of top officials in the U.S. military, the State Department, and our intelligence agencies.

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