Comments On President Obama’s Remarks On The Financial Crisis Responsibility Fee

“I share President Obama’s commitment to recovering taxpayers’ investment in sustaining the nation’s top financial institutions.  I supported efforts to respond to the financial crisis in order to prevent the country from sliding into a possible economic depression.  While our economy has shown signs of progress in recent months, I with all Vermonters am outraged by reports of continued misuses of government funds by companies that received taxpayers’ dollars.  This is the same type of greed and arrogance that led to the financial and economic crises in the first place.

“I support President Obama’s proposal to impose a special fee on the country’s largest financial firms until the American people are fully repaid for the extraordinary assistance.  Hard-working Americans aided these big banks and financial institutions at a time when the financial crisis was mounting – threatening businesses, family savings and retirement funds all across the country – but they did not invest in these firms to further enrich corporate executives who hold the lion’s share of responsibility for this crisis.  We must do all we can to recoup taxpayer assistance that prevented our financial institutions from collapsing.  The American people are owned this money back with interest.”

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