Comments On Preliminary Report On Christmas Day Airline Plot

“The preliminary findings outlined in the unclassified report released by the Obama administration present a chilling narrative of how, once again, information that could have prevented the incident in Detroit on Christmas Day was not adequately integrated and analyzed by our intelligence agencies.  The failure to both share information and to connect the dots were singled out after September 11th.  Eight years later, inadequate analysis of critical information remains of paramount concern.

“In response to this incident, President Obama has acted promptly to investigate and identify gaps in our information sharing systems.  These findings highlight why we need to ensure that we are able to effectively piece together the information our government agencies collect on terrorist threats.  I appreciate the President’s willingness to review these systems and make necessary improvements.  I also appreciate the President’s quick action to increase screening at our nation’s airports.  

“In the coming weeks, the Obama administration will participate in a series of congressional oversight hearings, including in the Senate Judiciary Committee.  The President is acting aggressively to identify what went wrong.  The time for finger-pointing has long passed and the search for effective solutions must be our first priority.  We must work together to identify meaningful reforms to protect the security of all Americans.”

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