Comments Of Senator Patrick Leahy On The President’s Tariff Announcement

“We want to support our steel and aluminum producing workforce and industrial base, but that’s not what this chaotic jumbling of tweets, slogans and unvetted ideas would do.  There seems to be no understanding or consideration of threats to the entire rest of America’s workforce and economy in what President Trump says, and says he wants to do.  No coherent strategy for retraining, workforce development, infrastructure investment, or overall manufacturing sector growth, to mention just a few missing elements.

“Vermont’s economy benefits greatly from trade, and the implied threats to Canada and the risks of setting off a trade war with unintended consequences pose particular dangers to Vermonters, many of whom count on cross-border trade for their livelihoods.  The schoolyard posturing and disastrous rollout is more likely to hurt American workers than to revitalize a critical industry.  This is not a carefully crafted recipe for fair trade; it’s a sloppily concocted recipe for failed trade.”

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