Comment On The Trump Administration Allowing Federal Agencies To Virtually Ignore Climate Impacts Of Major Projects, And To Silence Communities Most Directly Affected

“On Tuesday, the Government Accountability Office released a report confirming that the Trump Administration is manipulating climate science to justify its deregulatory giveaways to big polluters and other special interests.  How fitting that today they finalize their rule allowing federal agencies to virtually ignore the climate impacts of major projects, and silence the very communities most affected by them.  Make no mistake, the cost of gutting this 50-year-old bedrock law will fall disproportionately on all American families, and especially on low-income communities of color — the very same marginalized communities hit hardest by the pandemic — all in order to benefit some of the most powerful special interests on the planet.  Among hundreds of ‘swampy’ acts by this President, this is among the swampiest.”

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