Comment On The Supreme Court’s Ruling Rejecting President Trump’s DACA Termination And Protecting The Nation’s Dreamers

In a victory for both the dignity and rights of our nation’s Dreamers and the rule of law, the Supreme Court this morning ruled that President Trump’s zeal to dismantle President Obama’s DACA program was arbitrary, capricious, and plainly illegal.  The Court reaffirmed that nearly 800,000 Dreamers – who arrived in the United States as children, through no fault of their own – have a protected place in our society.

This landmark decision affirms what the vast majority of Americans feel in their hearts:  Our nation’s Dreamers, Americans in every way except on paper, deserve to live and prosper in the country they call home.  Dreamers, by definition, are strivers who have followed our laws and seek nothing more than a chance to contribute to the land that they love.  I commend the Supreme Court for wisely protecting our Dreamers, and in doing so, protecting the American Dream itself.   

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