Comment On The Resignation Of Jeff Sessions As U.S. Attorney General

Comment Of Senator Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.)
On The Resignation Of Jeff Sessions As U.S. Attorney General

November 7, 2018

President Trump has wanted to hobble the Russia investigation from its inception. The only reason why he regularly disparaged and belittled Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and ultimately asked for his resignation, is that he was unhappy that his Attorney General followed mandatory Department of Justice regulations and recused himself from the Russia investigation. And the President has now attempted to install a close ally of the White House in charge of this investigation.

Matthew Whitaker has heavily criticized and publicly discussed defunding the Special Counsel’s investigation. He needs to recuse himself immediately.

It is not clear when the President will nominate a new Attorney General. The American people deserve to know whether that nominee will commit to take no action whatsoever, public or private, through restrictions in scope or budget or personnel or otherwise, to impede the Special Counsel’s investigation in any way. And in the meantime Special Counsel Mueller must be permitted to continue this most critical national security investigation without any interference.

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