Comment On The Recess Appointment Of James Cole To Be The Deputy Attorney General

On Wednesday, the White House announced that President Obama intends to recess appoint James Cole to be the Deputy Attorney General of the United States.  The nomination was returned to the President at the end of the Congress, after pending on the Senate floor since it was approved by a majority on the Senate Judiciary Committee in July.  The Deputy Attorney General is the number two position at the Department of Justice, and is a critical national security and law enforcement position.

“Despite repeated requests, for more than five months, Senate Republicans refused to debate the nomination of Jim Cole to be the Deputy Attorney General.  I have no question that Jim Cole is highly qualified to fill this vital law enforcement post.   His nomination received bipartisan support from public officials and from high-ranking veterans of the Justice Department, and I believe that he would have been confirmed by the Senate had his nomination been given an up-or-down vote.  The delays in considering his nomination were unnecessary and wrong.  I am glad that he will now finally begin this important work to protect the American people.”

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