Comment On The Questionnaire For Judge Sonia Sotomayor To Be Associate Justice Of The Supreme Court

“It has taken just one week for Judge Sotomayor to complete and return this detailed, bipartisan questionnaire to the Senate.  She has an exceptional record in public service, and her record is open and impressive.  From her years in law enforcement as a tough prosecutor, to more than 17 years on the federal bench, Judge Sotomayor’s commitment to the rule of law is clear and unequivocal.  I was impressed when I met with her earlier this week, and I know many other Senators have been impressed by her record.  She has advanced the confirmation process by promptly complying with this Senate requirement, and now the Senate should promptly schedule hearings to fairly consider her nomination to our highest court.  The unfair attacks that have been leveled at her from outside the Senate are all the more reason to give her the chance to respond.”

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