Comment On The President’s Forthcoming Nomination Of Former Senator Jeff Flake To Be U.S. Ambassador To Turkey

My good friend Jeff Flake this afternoon called to let me know that he has accepted the request of President Biden to serve as our Ambassador to Turkey.  I had the pleasure of knowing and working closely with Jeff Flake in several ways during his service in the Senate.  I told him that the President had made an outstanding choice.

Turkey has been an ally of the United States for many decades, and the American people have great respect and fondness for the Turkish people and for Turkey’s rich culture and history.  Our relations with Turkey’s government have been fraught in more recent years by tensions over security matters and human rights policies.  Jeff is a perfect choice to work toward a more constructive relationship that would be good for both of our countries, for the region, and for the world.

I commend the President for this decision, and I commend and thank my friend for accepting this latest call to public service.

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