Comment On The President’s Announcement Friday Afternoon About The World Health Organization

“In a global pandemic that in 100 days has killed more Americans than died in Vietnam and Korea and is predicted to kill thousands more, we need every weapon in our arsenal.  Now is the worst possible time to withdraw from the World Health Organization, which coordinates the coronavirus response and which the world depends on for expertise on everything from deadly respiratory infections to polio.  Its experts include many respected U.S. scientists.  Even after restricting flights from China which the President brags about after praising China’s ‘transparency and hard work’ to combat the virus, nearly half a million people entered the U.S. from China and many more from Europe, while the President trivialized the virus and insisted it would disappear.  Not wanting to take responsibility as the deaths continue to mount, he blames others.  WHO could have been more assertive with China and declared a global health emergency sooner, but it is performing an essential function and needs our strong support, especially now.”

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