Comment On The Passing Of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Marcelle and I are overcome with sadness.  Almost exactly a year ago Marcelle introduced Justice Ginsburg during an Action For Cancer Awareness event, a memory that Marcelle will always treasure.  Justice Ginsburg was brilliant and was a legend of the law.  She has become a heroine and even an icon to millions of Americans.  She was also unmistakably kind and funny, and a fundamentally decent human being.

Difficult days are ahead.  And Senators McConnell and Graham must not treat this President’s Supreme Court nominees differently than President Obama’s Supreme Court nominees.  They must exhibit a shred of integrity and recognize that abandoning their word now, and breaking all precedents by ramming a nominee through — most likely after the election — would cause the nation tremendous pain.

But tonight I will simply reflect on Justice Ginsburg’s life and legacy.  I am so thankful for every day she spent here with us, serving the American people with unparalleled grace, integrity, and an unyielding sense of equality and justice.  

May she rest in peace and power.

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