Comment On The Justice Department’s Request To Dismiss Charges Against Senator Ted Stevens

“The decision of Attorney General Holder to withdraw the indictment against Ted Stevens shows clearly that he is committed to the rule of law, regardless of politics.  As he works to rebuild the public’s faith in the Justice Department after the scandals of the previous administration, the new Attorney General has sent an unequivocal message that prosecutions of any kind, whether against Republicans, Democrats, Independents, or others, must be done right, and in accordance with the law.  Public confidence in our justice system and in the Department of Justice can only be preserved when prosecutors adhere to the most stringent legal and ethical standards.  This decision should give all Americans confidence that the Justice Department will pursue public corruption investigations and prosecutions aggressively but fairly.  I will continue to work to give prosecutors the tools and resources they need to protect our democracy from the scourge of corruption, secure in the knowledge that this Justice Department will be meticulous in ensuring that discretion is not abused.”

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