Comment On The Immigration And Customs Enforcement Report On Immigration Detention Overview And Recommendations

“I hope the Department of Homeland Security will work to implement the recommendations included in Dr. Schriro's report released today.  In August, I urged the Obama administration to expand the use of secure, humane, cost-effective community-based programs for immigration detention.  This report makes several constructive recommendations, including establishing nationwide legal orientation programs, new detention standards, pilot programs for community-based alternatives to detention, and strict limitations on transfers of immigration detainees who are represented by counsel.  While any reforms to our immigration detention system require thoughtful review and careful implementation, there is no question that our detention system must be improved.  The perception of the United States around the world and our role as a champion of human rights is greatly diminished when we fail to treat those in our custody consistent with our values as a nation.  I will be closely monitoring ICE’s efforts to implement these urgently needed reforms.”

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