Comment On The Administration’s Views On S. 515, The Patent Reform Act

Senator Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) is the lead sponsor of the Patent Reform Act of 2009, which was reported by the Senate Judiciary Committee in April.  Leahy has worked to pass patent reform legislation for several Congresses.  The bipartisan legislation is pending before the full Senate.

“The administration’s letter of support for the needed provisions in the Patent Reform Act reinforces the urgent need to enact this legislation.  It has been more than 50 years since Congress passed meaningful reforms to our nation’s patent system, and it is wrought with inefficiencies.  I have been working with the bill’s cosponsors, interested Senators, and the administration to reach consensus on this important legislation.  I particularly appreciate the commitment of Secretary Locke and Under Secretary Kappos to this legislation.  Now that the administration has indicated its support for the Patent Reform Act, I look forward to working with Majority Leader Reid to schedule Senate debate before the end of the year.”

A committee report on the Patent Reform Act of 2009 is available online. The letter of support from Commerce Department Secretary Gary Locke is available here.

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