Comment On Supreme Court Decision In Dolan v. United States

“This morning, the Supreme Court upheld the clear purpose of the Mandatory Victims Restitution Act.  When Congress passed that important law, it did so to protect the victims of crimes like the serious assault that Brian Dolan committed.  In his case, the district court failed to determine the precise amount of restitution owed by the 90-day deadline, but made it clear that he owed restitution under the statute.  I am heartened that the judges and justices interpreting that law did so in a way that does not disregard the law’s context, nor thwarts its purpose of taking care of victims of crime.  The decision shows proper judicial deference to the people protected by this law passed by Congress.  Today’s decision is a victory for crime victims, and for the efforts I and others have long supported to bolster those protections.”

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