Comment On Release Of Nine OLC Memoranda And Opinions

“After just a month in office, Attorney General Holder has already shown a policy of greater transparency at the Department of Justice.  The memoranda and opinions of the last administration regarding national security remain of great concern.   Finally, today, some of these long secret opinions from the Office of Legal Counsel are being publicly released.  These documents, and those released late last year in response to a Senate Judiciary Committee subpoena, begin to provide details of some of the Bush administration’s misguided national security policies.  This builds upon the President’s Executive orders when he first took office.  

“I hope the Senate will act swiftly to confirm David Ogden, David Kris and Dawn Johnsen to fill key national security positions at the Justice Department.  Confirming the Deputy Attorney General and the Assistants for the National Security Division and the Office of Legal Counsel will be additional steps forward toward a fuller review of these policies.”

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