Comment On Proposals For Comprehensive Immigration Reform

“Senators Reid, Schumer and Menendez have released a productive framework for the process of drafting comprehensive immigration reform legislation.  I share their commitment to enacting key legislative efforts including AgJobs, the Uniting American Families Act, the DREAM Act, and a permanent extension of the EB-5 foreign investors program, as part of comprehensive reform.  These are sensible, constructive and urgently needed measures that have had, and should continue to have, bipartisan support.

“I remain committed to meaningful comprehensive immigration reform.  There is bipartisan agreement that reform is needed; there are differences of opinion over how we can accomplish that.  I remain seriously concerned with proposals for establishing biometric identification requirements, and I will need to carefully study the details of any such proposal.  I also expect to carefully review proposals for enforcement and border security.  Meaningful reform must include a realistic path to citizenship to allow us to bring illegal immigrants out of the shadows.

“I hope the outline released today will encourage discussions across the aisle, and that they will lead to a bipartisan legislative proposal.  All Americans are concerned with updating our immigration laws, fulfilling our labor needs, and addressing the escalating violence along our southern border.  I hope we can come together to address these pressing matters.”

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