Comment On Production Of Documents By The National Archives Related To Solicitor General Elena Kagan’s Nomination To The Supreme Court Of The United States

“With this initial delivery of documents, the Judiciary Committee has received more information from the administration than was made available at this point in the confirmation process for either the Roberts or Alito nominations.  I commend the staff at the Clinton Presidential Library and the National Archives for their prompt work in responding so thoroughly to the Committee’s request. 

“The Obama administration and the Archives are continuing to work to make available an unprecedented volume of information relating to Elena Kagan’s work in the Clinton administration.  I appreciate the Obama administration’s willingness not to assert executive privilege with respect to this information.  The materials that we have received today show that the Obama administration and the Archives are working hard to ensure that Senators have the information relevant to Solicitor General Kagan’s nomination before her confirmation hearing begins on June 28.”

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