Comment On President Obama’s Budget Outline For The Department Of Justice

“The Obama administration has already shown a commitment to reinvigorating law enforcement in our country.  The President’s support of funding in the recovery package for critical programs like the Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) is echoed in the budget overview released today. 

“I am also encouraged by the commitment to provide funding for the FBI to investigate and prosecute mortgage fraud and white collar crime.  The federal government must devote the necessary resources in protecting the American people’s investment in this country’s economic recovery.  These are both matters on which I have introduced bipartisan legislation.  The Senate Judiciary Committee will consider the Fraud Enforcement and Recovery Act, S.386, and the Public Corruption Prosecution Improvements Act, S.49, next Thursday.

“Finally, the administration has further distinguished its policies from those of the last administration with a commitment to rededicate resources to the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division.  After the dismal record of enforcement and the untoward political influence of the last administration in the activities of the Civil Rights Division, a renewed commitment to enforcing our nation’s anti-discrimination laws is needed now more than ever.”

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