Comment On President Biden’s State Of The Union Address

Uneasy and uncertain times call for strong, but calm, leadership.  President Biden tonight demonstrated the kind of leadership that comes from a seasoned hand.  The kind of leadership that, until recent years, had been a hallmark of American democracy.  Tonight, we saw a President ready to lead a nation in a tumultuous time.

From the start of his administration, President Biden has laid out a bold, ambitious agenda to restore the American promise that had for years been ripped from too many.  He continues to press those goals: lifting up the middle class, addressing crime on our streets and in our communities, and bringing us through what we all hope is an ending to the worst pandemic in a century.  Achieving these goals – on behalf of the American people and for the American people – will take partners in Congress.  Partners who will cast aside partisan politics, put country over party, and reach compromise.

Like President Biden, I know we can show the country, and the world, how democracy works, and how it can thrive.  We can do that, now, by finishing the annual appropriations for the Fiscal Year, delivering on desperately needed support for the people of Ukraine, and continuing to shore up our economy and our public health system.  Together, we can show that America is the country we’ve always known it to be – a world leader rooted in independence, democracy, equality and freedom.

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