Comment On President Biden’s Infrastructure Plan

President Biden is proposing a bold plan to repair and revitalize our nation’s crumbling infrastructure.  This is an investment that is long overdue, and it will create tens of thousands of jobs and make our country more competitive on the global stage. 

The President is proposing new investments in clean drinking water, revamping our electrical grid, and expanding access to high-speed broadband that will be crucial to rural areas like Vermont.  And importantly, the President is addressing the reality of climate change by targeting these investments to make our infrastructure more resilient now and into the future, while creating good new jobs here at home in a new clean energy economy. 

I am looking forward to working with the Administration on this proposal as well as on the annual appropriations bills.  This President is challenging us to take strong and substantive steps to move our country forward, and as Chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee I intend to join him in that effort. 

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