Comment On Military Commissions

Senator Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) is a coauthor of the Habeas Corpus Restoration Act of 2006, a bill to restore the writ of habeas corpus that was revoked in the Military Commission Act of 2006.

 “I have always said that establishing appropriate military commissions is possible.  I objected to the military commissions that were created by the Bush-Cheney administration because they stripped away critical protections in our laws.  For years I worked with others in Congress to restore the Great Writ of habeas corpus, which the Republican-led Congress, in concert with the Bush-Cheney administration, sought to undermine.  My primary concern remains that we stand by American principles.  People in American custody must be treated fairly, humanely and in accordance with our laws.  I look forward to reviewing the Obama administration’s proposals for providing a fair system of military commissions.”

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