Comment On Justice Department Views Letter On S. 1692, The USA PATRIOT Act Sunset Extension Act

“The administration’s statement of strong support on the USA PATRIOT Act Sunset Extension Act should help the Senate to swiftly consider this important legislation.  I drafted this legislation to strengthen our national security and protect civil liberties.  I appreciate the continued commitment of Senator Feinstein, Senator Kyl, and others, to enacting legislation that addresses the needs of intelligence and law enforcement agencies, but that also implements safeguards and oversight to ensure that those tools are being implemented lawfully.  I look forward to the Senate’s debate on this bill.”

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[Leahy is the author of the USA PATRIOT Act Sunset Extension Act, which he introduced on September 22 with Senators Benjamin Cardin and Ted Kaufman.  A bipartisan majority of the Judiciary Committee approved the legislation on October 8.  The letter from the Department of Justice is available online.]

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