Comments on Congressman John Lewis

As are Americans everywhere, Marcelle and I are heartsick about the new challenge facing our dear friend John Lewis. 

John Lewis has been called our apostle of quiet strength, and the best of humanity.  I have called him a hero for our time, of our time.  Of the thousands of leaders I have served with, his contributions of conscience have been living examples to us all.  He has certainly nourished mine.  He spent an eventful day with us in Vermont late this year, forging memories and sowing insights that will always be with us.  Most recently we stood together as several of us reintroduced the Voting Rights Advancement Act, which itself is a reflection of John Lewis’s personal history, as well as of his conscience.

We know that he is strong, and he knows that he has our prayers and our fervent hopes as he takes on this new battle.  

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[NOTE: Senator Leahy today posted several photos about John Lewis on his Instagram page.]

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