Comment On Completion Of Document Production By The National Archives, Related To Solicitor General Elena Kagan’s Nomination To The U.S. Supreme Court

“The National Archives and the Clinton Library have produced an unprecedented volume of materials related to Elena Kagan’s nomination, in response to the Committee’s bipartisan request.  They have completed the production of documents as outlined in the Archives letter of May 21, and done so well in advance of the Committee’s hearing. In fact, they have produced more materials, and faster, than were produced in connection with previous Supreme Court nominations.

“The Committee and the public also now have unprecedented access to Elena Kagan’s electronic mail files from her time as a White House attorney.  The evaluation of her record and qualifications has been the most open and transparent in history.  There is no chapter from her professional life for which we do not have significant records to review.

“The Judiciary Committee hearing to consider Solicitor General Kagan’s nomination will begin on June 28.  I look forward to hearing from her at the confirmation hearing.”

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