Comment On ABA Report On Immigration Court Reform

“I have long been concerned with the quality of adjudication of cases in immigration courts.  In recent years, we also discovered an alarming level of politicization in the hiring of immigration judges and the so-called ‘streamlining’ of administrative appeals.  Federal circuit court judges have issued opinion after opinion admonishing the lower, administrative courts for poorly reasoned decisions, and in some cases, for the failure to issue an opinion at all.  With caseloads that are ever-increasing, even the finest judges in the system struggle to keep pace with the demands.  Today, the American Bar Association’s Commission on Immigration released a report recommending major reforms of the immigration adjudication system.  Some of the proposals call for far-reaching systemic reform; others urge common sense steps that can be taken in the short term by the agencies.  I look forward to considering the recommendations of the American Bar Association’s report as Congress prepares to consider comprehensive immigration reform.”   

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