Comment Of Senator Patrick Leahy On The Supreme Court’s Decision To Release Audio Files And Transcripts Of Arguments In The Affordable Care Act

“I welcome today’s announcement from the Supreme Court that they will make available the audio files and transcripts of this month’s arguments regarding the Affordable Care Act.  With heightened public interest in this landmark law, I am especially pleased that they will make the audio of the arguments available to the public within hours of the completion of each day’s arguments. 

“This is a step forward, and one that I welcome during Sunshine Week.  The Chief Justice and the Court are right to expand public access to their public proceedings.

“Nonetheless, I continue to support live audio streaming and permitting cameras in our nation’s courtrooms, including in the Supreme Court, so that Americans can witness these public proceedings as they happen. Decisions made at the Supreme Court impact the lives of millions of Americans.  Just as Vermonters can follow the actions of their elected representatives in Washington on C-SPAN and through webcasts on the Internet, so, too, should they be able to follow the public proceedings of the highest court in the land.”

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