Comment Of Senator Patrick Leahy On The Supreme Court’s Decision In Federal Communications Commission v. AT&T Inc.

“The American people have good reason to cheer today’s unanimous decision by the Supreme Court in Federal Communications Commission v. AT&T Inc., concluding that corporations do not have a right of personal privacy under the Freedom of Information Act.  Openness, transparency and accountability are American values, and this decision underscores their importance to our system of government.  I am also pleased that, in reaching this decision, our highest court honored congressional intent about the narrow scope of the personal privacy exemption to FOIA. 

“During the more than four decades since Congress first enacted FOIA, this venerable open government law has given citizens access to the inner workings of their government.  The Supreme Court’s well-reasoned decision is a timely boost that will help ensure FOIA remains a vibrant and meaningful safeguard for the American people’s right to know.”

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