Comment Of Senator Patrick Leahy On The FBI Release Of Crime Statistics For 2009

“Many feared that the current economic crisis would contribute to large-scale increases in crime.  Instead, according to the FBI’s crime statistics for 2009, last year saw more than a five percent decrease in violent crime nationwide.  Vermont also saw a significant decrease in violent crime.  State and local law enforcement officials in Vermont deserve our thanks for their relentless work to reduce crime on our streets and in our neighborhoods.

“Renewed attention by Congress and by the Obama administration last year to federal assistance to state and local law enforcement, as well as encouragement of proven, innovative law enforcement techniques, was crucial to ensuring progress on crime despite the fiscal crisis faced by states, cities, and towns.  The Judiciary Committee has highlighted many of these efforts in field hearings in Rutland, St. Albans, and Barre, Vermont.  These results are why I was proud to work to include almost $4 billion in assistance to state and local law enforcement in last year’s recovery legislation.  That assistance created jobs nationwide, provided stability and security to our neighborhoods which allows for economic progress, and, as the FBI’s statistics show, helped to prevent crime.”

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