Comment of Senator Patrick Leahy On The Drive To Quash The Rights Of Working Men And Women

The world looks to the United States as a champion of freedom, and one of the rights that we hold dear is the ability of Americans in the workforce to freely organize to defend their common interests.  Right now, the world is closely watching the shameful efforts in Wisconsin and other states to strip the collective bargaining rights of many workers.  We rightly cheer when the people of Poland, China or the Mideast stand up for the rights of their workers.  The way that tens of thousands of Wisconsin citizens have rallied in defense of their fellow citizens’ rights has been an inspiration to so many. 

There will always be attempts by special interests to bring the heavy hand of authority down on the heads of working men and women, to overrun their rights and to mute their voices.  It is the responsibility of each new generation of Americans to defend the blessings of our free society.


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