Comment Of Senator Patrick Leahy On The Death Of Four Americans, Including Ambassador Stevens, During Attacks On U.S. Consulate In Libya

“The shocking and senseless murders of Ambassador Stevens and other U.S. Embassy personnel in Libya should be universally condemned.  It is outrageous that religious intolerance has reached such extremes that our diplomats – or any diplomats -- are targeted.  By all accounts, Ambassador Stevens was an exceptional diplomat who represented the United States in a manner in which all Americans can be proud.  His family, and the families of the others who died, deserve our deepest thanks for their years of service and sacrifice.  We unite with them and share their grief through our thoughts, feelings and prayers.

“Every year the U.S. government spends hundreds of millions of dollars to maintain and secure our embassies and to protect our civilian personnel stationed overseas.  I support President Obama’s directive to increase security at diplomatic posts.  We must also recognize that U.S. diplomats and foreign aid workers serve in many places where it is impossible to completely guarantee their safety, and that they cannot carry out their work behind the walls of fortresses.  They risk their lives every day because they are dedicated to public service of our nation and its people, and they have our profound gratitude and respect.”

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