Comment Of Senator Patrick Leahy On Taxpayer Dollars Recovered In False Claims Cases This Year

(Today, the Justice Department announced that it secured $3 billion in settlements in cases involving fraud against the government in this fiscal year, including $2.5 billion in health care fraud recoveries. More than $2.3 billion was recovered in lawsuits filed under the False Claims Act’s qui tam provisions, which encourage whistleblowers to step forward report fraud – often at considerable personal risk.)

“Attorney General Holder and the Justice Department have been vigorous in their efforts to find and fight fraud committed against American taxpayers. The Obama administration has made combating fraud, particularly health care fraud, a top priority, and today we can see the dividends.  Recent changes to the False Claims Act and the federal health care anti-kickback statute played a significant role in this unprecedented success in recovering taxpayer dollars.  I worked hard with Senators Grassley and Kaufman to ensure that health care reform legislation included these important anti-fraud tools.  These provisions reinforced the significant advancements in fraud enforcement we accomplished with the passage of the Fraud Enforcement and Recovery Act of 2009.  I applaud the Department of Justice for this historic recovery. It not only returns billions of dollars to the American people; it also sends a powerful message that those who defraud the government will be punished.”

[Senator Leahy has worked for more than three decades to combat fraud and protect taxpayer dollars.  He was the lead author of the Fraud Enforcement and Recovery Act, the most significant anti-fraud legislation in more than a decade.  It was signed into law in May 2009.  Leahy also worked to include anti-fraud measures in the health care reform legislation and the Wall Street reform legislation passed earlier this year.]

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